Jump In Adventures
These one-day excursions are available to each and every Thrill-Seeker searching for a bit of Excitement while already on vacation in the country.  Extreme Adventures will only book the experience for you.  
*Booking these through Extreme Adventures will not include a hotel and airfare.
volcano boarding pt 2.jpg


Leon, Nicaragua

Take a scenic hike to Cerro Negro to arrive at the “jump” point. Before sliding down the side of the recently erupting volcano, our adventurers will admire breathtaking views of the black volcanic sand. Going down a 2,388-foot volcano, our adventurer can reach an extreme speed of 80 kilometers an hour! This experience will satisfy everyone's need for speed!




Zimbabwe, Africa

Admire the beauty of the Batoka Gorge while jumping! You can do a free fall for about 70 meters, before entering 95 meters of flight! You can reach speeds of up to 108 kilometers per hour! It will be a breathtaking experience!




Pembrokeshire, Wales

Explore the coast of Abereiddy Beach! This experience will include cliff jumping, rock jumping, diving and climbing! You can explore some of Pembrokeshire's hidden caves and jump from heights up to 40 feet high! All the sessions are adapted to each adventurer so that everyone can benefit from this experience!



Surfing at Venice Beach

Venice, California

Learn to surf right next to Venice Beach! Instructors with an Aloha spirit will make sure you get to Ride A Wave, no matter if it's something unique or if you're trying to find a new hobby! Take advantage of the beautiful water, the warm weather and all the surf offers in Venice!


scuba diving.jpg


Waikiki beach, Honolulu

Dive to a depth of 30 feet and spot marine animals such as sea turtles, baby sharks and many species of fish! If you have not dived before, a free swimming lesson will be offered to them before going out on the boat! Perfect for anyone looking for an adventure under the sea!